Amilcare Porporato
Professor Porporato's research interests are ecohydrology, soil-atmosphere interaction, environmental fluid mechanics, complexity in the environment, and nonequilibrium thermodynamics
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Postdoctoral Associates

Jun Yin
Milad Hooshyar

Graduate Students

Salvatore Calabrese
Samantha Hartzell
Shashank Anand


Xue Feng
Now at University of Minnesota
Stefano Manzoni
Now at Stockholm University
Yair Mau
Now at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Anthony Parolari
Now at Marquette University
James R. Rigby
Now at USDA
Giulia Vico
Now at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sara Bonetti

Now at ETH Zurich

Norm Pelak

Now at UC Merced

Mark Bartlett

Now at Stantec